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Art Enrichment Classes

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If you are registering for a Clever Artistry Class, please fill out the registration form by hitting the button below and filling out the requested information.


Since registration procedures are different for each school, please fill out the registration form and then follow the noted procedure for your school by following the link below for your school.

Please fill out the Registration Form and then click on the button for program descriptions and registration instructions for your school.



Blessed Sacrament

By signing up for a Clever Artistry after school Art enrichment program, you agree to the following policies and procedures:


  • Payment is for all classes in the program - Clever Artistry will not refund money for classes that are not attended unless the class is canceled by Clever Artistry.


  • Classes may be canceled or re-scheduled due to snow days or other unforeseen circumstances. Every attempt will be made to re-schedule the class. If a class cannot be re-scheduled, the cost of that class will be refunded.


  • If school is canceled, the enrichment class will also be canceled.


  • Payment for all classes in the program must be made before attending the first class.


  • Each school has its own procedures for signing up for a Clever Artistry after school Art enrichment program.  Please follow the process noted for your school.


  • In the event of emergency,  if the parent or guardian cannot be reached, Clever Artistry will secure reasonable medical treatment for the child.  The parent or guardian is responsible for all medical expenses incurred.


  • Pictures will be taken in class and may be used for promotional purposes.




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