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Art Enrichment Classes

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Fun-filled grade-level Art classes for PK – 8th Grade

Introduction to Watercolor

A program focusing on watercolor painting including:

•   Principles of design (color, shape, composition, form etc.)

•   Color mixing/color theory

•   Watercolor painting techniques

•   Imaginative activities to stimulate creativity

•   Development of a sketch and painting the final work of Art

•  Art history and school subjects are incorporated into the lessons

Art Basics

A program focusing on simple Arts and Crafts projects designed

specifically for the students’ skills and abilities.

•   Shapes and colors

•   Exploring watercolors - color mixing and painting

•   Straw weaving

•   Other fun multi-media projects designed to introduce the children to the joy of creating Art

Customized Art programs for your school

At Clever Artistry, we can work with you and your staff to develop programs specific to the needs or your school.

Art projects to enhance Art lesson being taught in the school

Projects to complement lessons being taught in other subjects

Projects to help fill gaps for Artwork needed in the school such as*:

•   Set designs for school plays

•   Art for yearbooks, newsletters or other school publications

•   Art for school fund raisers

•   Art for school holiday cards

•   Art for school displays

* These projects would be done by older students


Watercolor painting student practicing watercolor painting techniques.
Grass-haired people- Pre-K lesson on occupations.


Straw weaving bracelet.
Ryan - Watercolor student painting a color wheel. Practicing paint mixing.
Ryan's watercolor fish painting. Practice with color mixing, hues and shades.
Tissue paper flowers.


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